Tips for sorting your belongings before a move
Before moving, it is always a good idea to sort through your things. This way you won’t end up moving stuff that you are not going to need in your new home. This also saves time in packing and unpacking, as well as lowers expenses. You would know this more keenly if you were moving to another city or state. So before you start packing, get rid of the things you don’t want.

The Steps
  • The time-consuming areas need to be dealt with first. There really are spaces in your home that take up a lot of time, like closets, where you stuff most of the items, which don’t find use on a daily basis. The house, the garage, den or home office should be next on this list.
  • Visit each room and write down the things there that you don’t need. Only omit the absolute essentials from this list. If you are not sure, decide on the spot, or make a note to reconsider. Be realistic. Everything that you move will cost money, and a last minute moving company normally charges by the box. With some pragmatic prep, it is easy to weed out what you don’t need.
  • You may have the time to take detailed inventory, in which case you should grab the chance and get this over with. You may not know how much you are willing to pay a same day moving company , in which case it is better to leave some things behind. Find an inventory how-to online and use that. It may even be useful if you decide to claim insurance coverage later.

Decide What To Leave Behind

If there is an area in the house that you use for storage, or where you let things collect so no one trips over them on the stairs or in the halls; first sort the items here. Making a choice isn’t always easy, but this needs to be done.

Remove Everything From This Space

Take out all the boxes and clothes, shoes, and everything else. Sort the garage and take out everything there, then place your items in the center of the room or outside space. This gives you a sense of how much stuff there is, and what needs to be done with that pile.

Make four piles and split your items this way. The “keep” pile should have what you will be using in your new residence. If it is a piece of clothing, this should be something you have worn at least twice since buying.

The “don’t keep” pile can be further split. A “donate” pile should have all the things you really cannot see yourself using in the foreseeable future, but are still in good condition. A “sell” pile should have the things you don’t need and will fetch you money, whether online or from a garage sale.
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